Sunday, 27 June 2010

FC Barcelona Team Goals 2009/2010

7 and a half minutes of wonderful football. Enjoy.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Theo Walcott 2009/2010

A disappointing season for Theo in all honesty, he finished well but it took him several months to get going (although his pre-season injury didn't help).

Still, his unique blend of pace and off the ball running makes him a valuable weapon, and as this video demonstrates he's particularly dangerous when making diagonal runs in from the wing, much like club hero Freddie Ljungberg.

Song: Ready Steady Go by Paul Oakenfold

Gael Clichy + Thomas Vermaelen 2009/2010

A short video showing the best moments of the club's left-footed defenders. (I would have included Silvestre as well had he not spent 90% of games playing for the opposition)

Gael Clichy has come in for a lot of criticism for his defensive errors of late (deservedly so), but at his best he's one of the top fullbacks in the world, combining an excellent sense of anticipation and tireless running to thwart opposition attacks and then break quickly into the opposition half.

Thomas Vermaelen has been an excellent addition to the club, and while he's made some sloppy positional errors, he's more than made up for it with his bravery, aerial ability and of course goals.

Both players are 24 so they're still young in defensive terms, with a few more years of experience behind them they should be able to iron out the weaknesses in their game.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nicklas Bendtner 2009/2010

One of the most unappreciated players in English football. Despite an excellent return of goals + assists in very little playing time, and increasingly important big game contributions, Super Nick continues to be ridiculed by the ignorant masses. One day he'll win the Ballon d'Or and you'll all be getting his name on the back of your shirts (if you can afford it with your dole money).

Song: Ping Island / Lightning Strike Rescue Op by Mark Mothersbaugh

Eduardo da Silva 2009/2010

After a lengthy recovery from a leg break, and a few hamstring problems, Eduardo da Silva finally made his full comeback from injury at the start of the 09/10 season.

Unfortunately he looked a shadow of his former clinical self, missing dozens of easy chances and relying on some massive strokes of luck to score.

However there was an upside to his season - the loss of pace and finishing skills forced him to adapt his game to become more of a provider for others, a role he seemed to do a decent job in as this video demonstrates.

The highlight of his season was scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup 3rd round with a world class header, a brief reminder of the predatory instincts within.

Robin van Persie 2009/2010

A short video showing van Persie's goals and best creative plays this season. You have to wonder what could have been had he not missed 5 months through injury.

Song: Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

Arsenal's Midfield Men 2009/2010, Part 2

Ramsey, Rosicky and Song this time. Of the three, the 2 youngsters shone the most while Rosicky had a very disappointing season. Song built on the progress he made at the end of the 08/09 season to establish himself as Arsenal's first-choice and a leading Premier League holding midfielder, while Ramsey showed great promise in Cesc's role as an attacking playmaker before suffering his unfortunate leg break. Rosicky has probably dropped even further down the pecking order this season and in all honesty doesn't deserve a new contract earning his current wages. For one of the more experienced players in the team, he's contributed less than most of Arsenal's youngsters.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Arsenal's Midfield Men 2009/2010, Part 1

Arsenal's switch to 4-3-3 at the start of the season placed increased importance on the midfield area, and several players were able to step up to the plate.

After starting with Denilson sandwiched in between Song and Fabregas, an injury forced Wenger to play Diaby and the Frenchman never looked back, showing an improvement in his positional + defensive discipline, dribbling, passing and goalscoring to become the perfect box-to-box player for Arsenal's system. Denilson, while a tidy and intelligent player (not to mention an expert long distance shooter), fell down the pecking order as Diaby's dynamism was preferred in the middle.

Samir Nasri was a different case altogether. For most of the season he had to make do with a spot in the right of Arsenal's attack and struggled to exert influence on matches. After Fabregas' injury and his switch to a more central role, he was able to show what he was capable of, most notably in the 2nd leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Porto, where he capped an excellent performance with a wonderful solo effort.

Next season Diaby must build on the excellent progress he's made this season, while Denilson and Nasri need to step it up if they're to make the first XI.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Emmanuel Eboue + Bacary Sagna 2009/2010

2 right backs with contrasting playing styles. On the one hand you have Eboue, a colourful character who translates his bubbly personality onto the pitch with flicks, tricks, dribbles and goals. On the other hand you have Sagna, a rock at the back who bombs up and down the right flank all day long delivering (attempted) dangerous balls into the box.

Andrei Arshavin Goals, Passes + Assists 2009/2010

Following on from a brilliant debut half-season, Andrei Arshavin made an excellent start to his first full season at Arsenal, scoring with trademark precision and creating just as many goals for teammates. However, as with most of the attacking players, his form suffered after van Persie's injury and he struggled to exert his usual influence on matches.