Friday, 11 June 2010

Gael Clichy + Thomas Vermaelen 2009/2010

A short video showing the best moments of the club's left-footed defenders. (I would have included Silvestre as well had he not spent 90% of games playing for the opposition)

Gael Clichy has come in for a lot of criticism for his defensive errors of late (deservedly so), but at his best he's one of the top fullbacks in the world, combining an excellent sense of anticipation and tireless running to thwart opposition attacks and then break quickly into the opposition half.

Thomas Vermaelen has been an excellent addition to the club, and while he's made some sloppy positional errors, he's more than made up for it with his bravery, aerial ability and of course goals.

Both players are 24 so they're still young in defensive terms, with a few more years of experience behind them they should be able to iron out the weaknesses in their game.