Friday, 28 May 2010

Cesc Fabregas 2009/2010, Part 2

Following on from a great first half to the 09/10 season, Cesc Fabregas continued to maintain a high level of productivity statistically in the form of goals and assists - as this video demonstrates.

However, the injury to Robin van Persie forced Arsene Wenger to adapt his formation, pushing Fabregas into a more attacking role in order to replace van Persie's goalthreat and ability to keep possession in the final 3rd. The result was that Fabregas scored more goals, but saw less of the ball. Against Bolton and Barcelona at the Emirates, he was playing almost as a support striker and generally only got onto the ball when Arsenal were counterattacking.

Hopefully with a fully fit van Persie we can see Fabregas in his more natural midfield playmaker role next season. That's if he stays at Arsenal of course ;)